The experts for Calcium-, Magnesium- and Iron-Compounds

 Our actions are always guided  by the aim of satisfying the customer with the highest possible product quality, the best possible service and high reliability.

In the process, we take care of the upstream production stages. What is most important to us is personal contact with the customer. Our permanent contacts are available to provide fast, competent and friendly advice. 

We are IFS Broker-and GDP-certified. 

We have integrated a quality management system that regulates all responsibilities and processes. A system for monitoring our suppliers, manufacturers and service providers is set up. We maintain a close relationship, regularly carrying out visits or audits at the production facilities. Complaints are processed professionally, quickly and in full; above all, they are analysed and used as part of the continuous improvement process to assess suppliers as well as our own activity. 

Our actions are risk-based and hygiene-orientated. A HACCP concept is integrated as part of our quality management; it is subjected to regular verifications. 

Product quality

We provide food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and technical qualities of the highest degree of purity. Please see the product catalogues for the submission numbers or pharmacopeia of the products.