The experts for Calcium-, Magnesium- and Iron-Compounds

As in our core business, we place maximum value on reliability and continuity in the area of logistics and transport as well, as this area is indispensable in the value chain and is to be managed with maximum care and attention. 

For more than 15 years, logistics service provider Kobernuss Logistik GmbH, based in Uelzen, has operated our warehouse. Kobernuss is IFS-certified and is experienced, adept, and completely reliable in dealing with foods as well as other sensitive goods, such as products of pharmaceutical quality. Our goods are offered ideal storage conditions. Kobernuss is familiar with all our requirements and is able to fulfil them. 

The same principles apply to freight transportation by land, sea and air as to the “logistics” area. Reliability and continuity are key to trusting and long-term collaboration. Here, too, we count on the experience of qualified partners, who we monitor and assess continuously.